Jamboree “Fatherland” Article

District Jamboree 2016 “Fatherland”

Introduction to Jamboree diary:
Homeland is a country to which it belongs my heart!

If someone loves his homeland, and is far away from it, they feel a longing for her. Homeland is the place where they lived, my great-grandparents, grandparents and the whole family. Homeland is a country’s childhood. Homeland can mean something else for everyone. For one it may be a memory of the family home, and for another attachment to the language. Who else can also believe that the home of a nation, or even a cultural circle. For me, homeland is a place on earth where I was not born, where I feel safe and attached. I can always come back and be accepted with open arms. They lived here my ancestors – great grandfather, grandfather. Homeland is also a culture, by which I was raised, I passed it from generation to generation, created by long years. Every person should be aware of what is his homeland. My homeland is Poland. Very important, because she gave me a home and education. Let’s take care and Let us take care of our homeland and its further development.

The song Jamboree “For the Fatherland”
To the homeland, they return my dreams,
To the homeland, I would like to go again.
I would like a quiet angle of a dream. /
The Motherland not only a dream. /bis
There, in the garden, in the old gazebo
Where I set my pleasant affectionately shook hands.
She was very tearful, /
“Do not leave me, my lover.” / Bis
Already took several years of separation,
Already it passed a lot of hard days.
My pleasant, forgot about me, /
The love no longer, what dream. /repeatThe silence fell after the great folkloric concerts in Melbourne to celebrate PolArt-in youth and children dance groups from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney quickly turned folk costumes into scout uniforms, eagerly awaiting for buses that transported us in the beautiful surroundings of the Victorian bush to Rowallan Recreation & Adventure Camp District Jamboree Australia “HOMELAND”. Most charming place, extensive grounds and thus not a little girl scouts and boy scouts harassed with its sub-camps in the dining room or chapel. Cubs had their cabins and rooms for classes right off the kitchen, a playground and is still among the Australian bush. Throughout the jamboree echoed our song Zlotow “For the Motherland”. On guests many a mother and grandmother spun a tear in the eye, hear their children and grandchildren loudly singing “For Fatherland return my dreams, to the homeland, I would like to go again …”
Our jamboree visited Heads of Scouting from outside the Polish borders, Warden dh-on Olenka Mańkowska hm and Chief Scouts dh Marek Szablewski hm.
We thank them very much for coming to us, spend a few days with us in our work ZŁOTÓW scout, inclusion in our camp classes, thanks to their tales, advice and attention. Please do not forget about us and often came to us.

Scouts have chosen their own name “Roots” and their slogan was: “Poland has not yet perished long as we live,” Jamboree scouts further divided into the camp of scouts under the name “Warsaw” with Chief Robert Zygadło pwd in the lead, followed by keynote chose the song “How a long time in our hearts. ” Scouts gained efficiency terenoznawcy and held an interesting journey in a wooded area. Gained efficiency pioneer building interesting objects and structures camp eg. The gate and the fence of the camp. The program was interspersed with the activities of Polish history. Scouts were supposed to depict historical events. Presenting them had a chance to empathize with the role of great Poles and their activities from that time.
Hiker camp under the name of “tribes” with Chief John Wasko pwd led chosen song, “While the two poverty.” They won the competition for the jamboree pioneers presenting the best gate, chapel and objects camp. During the jamboree took place Get off wandering for hikers and Wędrowniczek by two nights under the name “Zlotoryja” (center of gold mining in the Middle Ages).
Camp Girl Scouts and Wędrowniczek is “OUR Grod” from the song “How good it is to live! ‘Diary Jamboree Great prepared by Ula Daniels was an excellent source of news and thanks to him, our scouts really deepened his knowledge of homeland Poland. Messages collected him about our history, about our cities illustrated with photographs and a map Polish to figure out where the data lies the city, a place for notes, illustrated nodes to the work of pioneering Morsea alphabet, Indic characters. Diary also contains information about the homeland, the Catechism of the Polish child, National Anthem Polish and Australian, Hymn Scouts, scout prayer and singing the Mass, Christmas carols, songs scout, focal and placement. Of course, it does not run it too Rules Shares Scout, maps of the area and the program of our day camp.

At the camp every day in the chapel of the chaplain Father Andrew Kołaczkowski phm celebrated Holy Mass in the “Day of guests” sent her our District Chaplain, Rev. Wieslaw Slowik hm. During the Mass, praying for jamboree participants and their families also remembered in the prayers of the people of our “family scout” who have gone on “Eternal Warta” and our friends from Circles of Friends of Scouting and the donors. Ania Lukyanov came to kill us meat on a spit. Brave host Andrzej Adamski Irene Kutypa and Halina Prociuk with a big heart and commitment have made a lot of effort to the day he went preparing any meal supplements. Thank you parents and friends for a delicious baked cakes. He barely gave parents time to eat and have been invited to our focus scout. Singing and demonstrations uradowaliśmy present bringing to an end the day with song, “goes the night … All the camps were beautifully decorated with works pioneering, very ingeniously made gates, shrines, bulletin boards, racks and various other props that make life easier and order in obozach.Po-day activities and delicious meals the day ended with a bonfire in the various camps or with common campfire where ever was a lot of laughter and joy and reverie while chatting. A great experience for many Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were submitting Scout Promise or the trump fit to scout.

The fourth day camping was intended for day trips. Cologne Zuchów went to Kryal Castle and scout jamboree participants to the museum from the period of fever gold exploration in Sovereign Hill located in Ballarat. Oh, a lot of interesting things we saw and got acquainted with the life and work of people in those days.
At the Jamboree not run too KPH -Koło Friends of Scouting, which led Teresa Sosnowska. Ladies have their own program, but as the need arose it willingly helped in the kitchen and dealt with youth

Within the jamboree also we had the Scout Colony “In Slavic Grodzisk.” Cubs for the honorable task undertaken to gain efficiency, “Słowianki” and “Slav.” The song Cologne was “Konik Światowida.” Courageous they turned into the Grodzisk its Slavic tribes oh, there were a few “Vistulans”, “Mazowszanie”, “Opolanie”, “Sleza” and “Pomeranians”.
At the start of the Cologne Cubs with Lech, Czech and Rusem they went to find their Slavic names and learned songs about “Konik Światowida” and performed the totems for their zuchowych sixes and colonial plemionach.Słowianie in the forest built their huts, castles, there were some too without postrzyżyn. The boys have to show your courage and go on the hunt to try to get food for their families, and girls at that time took a plait wreaths and learned the song “There, on the Vistula,” and during the evening Kominka learned “O flower Fern.” For fellows, and not only, because the scouts also a big attraction was the visit of the Fire Brigade and their work shows firefighters in action. Slavs still does not waste time just were making clay bowls pots and other props needed for cooking, and learned weaving.

Slavs had a great feast of the Baptism of Polish. Druh Head of the role of the Bishop baptized Slavic Courageous and gave Marriage Mieszko – Adam Paszkiewicz of Dubravka bridesmaid Warden.
Cologne ended on Sunday Giving performance and awards ceremony. Cubs were satisfied with the arrival of the parents, but leaving the area a little colony envied scouts, they still are the next week. I came a time at the end of the Jamboree. Traditionally, the common focus of our finished this memorable jamboree. Singing “… at another fire in another night to see you again …”. How good it is that our “Homeland” Polish encourages us to participate in rebounding, bivouacs and camps to find out more about her and together spend pleasant moments in the company of our “Family scout.”

We sincerely thank the entire command of the Jamboree homeland in 2016 for its excellent cooperation and for the nice time:
Commander of the Jamboree: Mary Nowak hm
Assistant to the Commander: Karina Katsipodas phm
Chaplain: Ks.Andrzej Kołaczkowski phm
Girl Scouts Commander: Veronica Więckowska hm
Boy Scouts Commander: Ks. Andrzej Kołaczkowski phm
Treasurer : Edyta Szmyd asp
Secretary: Halina Prociuk phm
Chef: Andrzej Adamski pwd
Nurse Irena Kutypa pwd.

Command (Girls)
Girls Commander Ula Daniels hm
Assistant Girls Commander: Irena Waśko phm / Marta Żyznowska pwd.
Commander of the Cub Colony Sylvia Kutypa pwd
Cub Scout Assistants: Monika Paskiewicz pwd., Natalia Maciuła pwd Krysia Paskiewicz hm Adam Paskiewicz, Krysia Dutkowska phm

Command (Boys)
Boys Commander Ks. Andrzej Kołaczkowski phm
Assistant Boys Commander Tom Karbanowicz pwd
Scouts Commander Robert Zygadło pwd
Rover Commander: Jas Waśko pwd
Member of the command: pwd Łukasz Karbanowicz Chris Dutkowski hm
Be Prepared!

Halina Prociuk phm
Mary Nowak hm Commander Jamboree District “Homeland”